Tree pruning

Tree pruning involves removal or shortening of individual problem limbs or branches, for example those reaching a house or telephone line, or removal of any dead, diseased or rubbing branches which may either prove dangerous should they fall or damage otherwise healthy limbs.

For smaller trees this might involve the use of a pole-saw which can tackle hard-to-reach branches from ground level. Larger trees may require the use of ropes to gain access to the tree crown or in the case of very large, dense trees such as a mature Leyland Cypress (Leylandii) it might be necessary to use a Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP).

Done correctly, far from damaging the tree, this process has the benefit of improving air circulation and often proves beneficial to the tree's well being.

A more intense form of pruning known as crown lifting involves reduction in the density of a trees crown by up to one third. This process allows improved light penetration, reduces crown sail (or wind resistance) and lessens the risks of major failure.

We have been doing all types of pruning for nearly 20 years so you can trust us to carry out any work safely and with the minimum disruption to your property. We are happy to offer advice on a sensible course of action to any concerned tree owner.

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