Tree felling and dismantling

Trees which have outgrown the garden they occupy and/or dead, diseased or dangerous trees sometimes need to be removed entirely.

Straight felling

When there is enough space, a straight fell is the quickest and most straight-forward way to remove a tree. It involves cutting the tree at the base and allowing it fall to the ground before processing.

Using a system of precise chainsaw cuts, as well as ropes, pulleys and winches where necessary, we can control the angle and rate of fall so that the tree lands where we want it to.

Once on the ground, the branches and trunk are cut into smaller sections which are either converted into woodchip or wood logs.

Sectional felling

When there is not sufficient space to fell a tree intact, we carry out a controlled 'sectional fell' where the tree is dismantled in sections from the top down.

The sectional felling process is undertaken using lowering ropes, pulleys and friction brakes to safely control every stage of the operation.

When each section reaches the ground, our team process the section for removal. Smaller branches and leaves are turned into woodchip for easy transportation while the larger branches and trunk are cut into more manageable sections to be removed from site.

All waste is then removed from site and disposed of responsibly.

Have a look at our case study for another example of felling in an enclosed space.

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