Fire wood delivery in the Edinburgh area

Fire wood bag
Pre-cut firewood
Lord of the trees have been providing firewood logs to addresses throughout Edinburgh and the Lothians since 2003. All of our firewood logs are from sustainable sources in the local area.

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Hard wood fire wood

Hardwoods burn longer than soft woods and work better for overnight heating. They will usually have coals left over in the morning so you can quickly restart your fire. Hardwood fire wood is pre-split 100% hard wood, fully seasoned and ready to burn in handy (m3) bulk bags.

We are currently sold out of air-dried hard wood logs but our kiln-dried hard wood logs are still available.

Soft wood fire wood

Hot burning, an ideal accompaniment to slower burning hardwood logs. Perfect for getting a fire hot quickly on those cold winter evenings. Best in a wood burner and not recommended for open fire. Click here to buy soft wood logs.

Kiln-dried hard wood

Kiln-dried firewood
Wood-fired boiler
Our newly installed wood-fired boiler produces forced hot air which we use to dry our already-seasoned hard wood logs. This reduces moisture content even further for improved combustion.

Kiln-dried fire wood is the highest quality firewood available. It is easy to light and burns hotter and cleaner than other firewood.

Click here to buy kiln-dried hard wood logs.

Burning fire wood in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a Smoke Control Area but appropriate fuels can be burned provided certain conditions are met.

From the Edinburgh Council Website “Some solid fuel stoves, ovens and boilers have been approved for use in smoke control areas. These appliances are exempt from the provisions of the Clean Air Act 1993 if they are installed and used properly.”

One of the most important things to consider when burning wood is its moisture content. Wood with a high moisture content burns poorly and produces a lot of smoke. All of our wood is seasoned in our heated barn for two years to reduce the moisture content well below required levels.


We supply and deliver firewood throughout the Edinburgh and East Lothian area.

Main delivery times for fire wood are Saturday AM or PM but other times are available. We'll call or email to arrange a suitable time.



We are also able to supply bulk bags of seasoned wood chip. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

pre-cut firewood

Pre-cut logs

We split all of our firewood logs into hand-sized pieces which are ready to go straight onto the fire or into the wood burner.

seasoned fire wood

Seasoned firewood

Seasoning firewood logs involves storing cut the wood in a cool dark place to allow moisture within the wood to evaporate. When logs are properly seasoned they burn more efficiently meaning more heat and less smoke. We season our hardwood logs for at least 2 years.

hard wood fire wood

Hard wood logs

Hard wood firewood logs burn hotter and for longer than softwood. They also release less smokey resin which can cause a dangerous build up in flues and chimneys. All of our firewood logs are from hard wood trees.

responsibly sourced fire wood

Responsibly sourced

All of our firewood is the by-product of necessary tree work